Modipav and Modipav LC15

WW Equipment PMB plants guarantees a lots of possible capacity:

Double pass 8/10/15 ton/hour
Single pass 16/20/30 ton/hour

PMB - Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant - Usine de Bitumes Modifiés aux Polymères - مصنع البوليمر المعدلة للبيتومين

WW Modipav

Reliable, highly efficient and fully automatic
Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant - Light & Compact

WW Modipav LC15

Light and Compact

Polymer Modified Bitumen Process Description

In the first stage, the hot bitumen is pumped at the required temperature (usually around 185ºC) into agitated tank. The thermo-plastic rubber is added and stirred for and equal distribution. Following the mix flows to the mill by gravity. The mix is passed through the mill to physically reduce the thermo-plastic rubber particles in size by mechanical shear, accompanied by a significant input of heat energy. This provides rapid and efficient disintegration of the thermo-plastic rubber particles in the bitumen.