Emulpav, Emulpav 8 and Emulpav 12

The bitumen emulsions production system consists of a set of supporting equipment and a central block of production.

WW Emulpav Bitumen Emulsion Production Unit is reliable, highly efficient, compact and fully automatic.

Bitumen Emulsion Plant

WW Emulpav

The WeedsWest EMULPAV standard design plant guarantees a standard production capacity of 15 ton/h depending on the final product specification. For lower bitumen content emulsions it can be up to 20 ton/hour.
Bitumen Emulsion Plant

WW Emulpav 8 and 12

Bitumen Emulsion Process Description

A bitumen emulsion is bitumen, which has been converted to a fine suspension of bitumen droplets in water, usually by means of a high energy shearing device called a "colloid mill". These droplets are prevented from agglomerating by the action of chemical emulsifiers which cause the surface of the droplets to become charged and hence repel each other. In emulsified form bitumen can be handled at ordinary temperatures and this eliminates the need for expensive solvents as diluents.