December 12, 2014

Morocco — Supply of water treatment equipment

In December, WeedsWest Global Solutions has delivered the fourth and last phase in the supply of equipment for the Andersen Water System (AWS) demineralisation water plant in North Morocco. The 2 year project represented a sales volume of 2 million euros and has included four phases in the production and assembly of 60 tanks, structures, piping systems and other equipment.

Some of AWS quality inspectors visited Laurel to witness the last functional rehearsals as well as the final inspection. They confirmed that all equipment were in accordance with their quality policies and followed the highest international production standards for this type of equipment.

“Morocco’s growth and development levels have turned the country into a market we are interested in exploring. This project is an excellent example of our abilities and competence, namely in the area of equipment for water treatment plants”, stresses Carlos Quinaz, WeedsWest Technical Manager.