turnkey solutions to industrial projects

WW Automation

This division includes specialized teams to respond to markets’ business needs in terms of automation, control, supervision and industrial electricity. WeedsWest Automation professionals are true business partners in terms of “turnkey” solutions as they are prepared to act transversely in a wide range of industrial projects and to respond, in an accurate and speedy way, to all questions related with after-sales (in the control area).

Besides machinery and equipment, the company’s teams have a vast experience in the energy and water industries (also available to clients).

Some of WeedsWest Automation main skills and projects:

Automation of power groups

  • Automatic gen set panels
  • ATS – Automatic transfer switch

Power and control systems

  • Feeders + QGBT
  • Synchronism tables

Renewable energies

  • Automation of hydro plants
  • Central photovoltaic systems for control and surveillance