engineering, cutting, prefabrication and welding

WW Metalwork

Through its affiliate Laurel, WeedsWest Metalwork is specialized in welded construction, in heavy steel assembly, in industrial and shipbuilding maintenance and repairing and in the project and execution of WTP’s (water treatment plants) and WWTP’s (sewage treatment plants).

It includes the best available technology in cutting, pre-building and welding for the heavy steel industry.

WeedsWest Metalwork distinctive characteristics are:

  • Professional support in the conception, production, transport, assembly and after-sale services;
  • A wide experience in the start-up (and pre-launching) of WTP’s and WWTP’s;
  • An extensive knowledge in the production of equipment and in the maintenance of specific industries, namely cement and petrochemicals;
  • The ability to conceive and build sewage treatment plants;

Some of WeedsWest Metalwork main skills and projects:

  • Water treatment plants;
  • Water and fuel boilers and vessels (both medium and large scale);
  • Tanks for various uses (for example: bitumen binders);
  • Pulverization tanks;
  • Fusion units