June 13, 2016

Tébessa (Algeria) – WasteWater Treatment Plant

Suez Environnement awarded to WW Laurel a contract for the supply of:


– 2 primary decanters

(Two peripheral 37 meters decanter bridges (P2RT) to Tébessa wastewater treatment plant; Emerged parts: bridge with handrails and grating, Aluminium or Stainless parts submerged or in contact with the 316 L:J fluid.


– 1 Scraper bridge of floats in the degassing zone

(A bridge in the degassing zone, rectangular with 1100mm useful width (container). Emerged part (Gateway, access ladder and handrails, stone hunter, bed base profile) aluminium. Submerged parts (Surface scraping, Scraper blades, Sleepers, Mains/Spacer, Scraper Blades Support, Gauges) Stainless stell 316L.