October 12, 2014

WeedsWest Group completes restructuring process

WeedsWest Group has just reinforced its management team and has completed a restructuring process of its universe of companies that aims to give greater visibility and enhance the Group’s competitiveness in the international scene.

“Besides the centralization of management bodies, our goals are to strengthen the image of WeedsWest’s brand in the world, as well as to maintain the focus of the group’s activity in the international market, while not compromising sales in the domestic market,” says Pedro Salsa e Quadros, the new WeedsWest’s General Manager.

Therefore, some changes have occurred in the current businesses and new units were created. Currently, the group clearly integrates four business areas: WW Equipment, WW Trading, WW Automation e WW Metalwork, allowing to explore a wide range of synergies to leverage growth.